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Artist's Statement

I am a character animator with a focus in two-dimensional animation. I also have experience in stop motion and three-dimensional animation, however I find that two-dimensional animation better suits my goals as an artist due to its flexible and melodic nature. I grew up in Western Montana, nestled in the Flathead Valley, and surrounded by forests and mountains. The intimacy of nature has always had an impact on my art and persona.


After spending a large part of my childhood falling in love with Disney films, I decided to major in animation. This art form is infatuating to me because it is “the frenetic search for life”, as Glen Keane said in reference to the moment he fell in love with the animation. Being able to breathe life into a character or scene, filling it with the subtle nuances of daily life, giving it realistic and rhythmic movement, and providing a scene for the viewer to lose themselves in are goals that I reach for and improve upon in each piece that I make. My favorite scenes to animate are very simple moments in time where the characters are doing something that the viewers can relate to, such as playing video games with a partner or coming home to your family after a long business trip. Moment like these are what build the character of a person and create meaning in their lives, and that is what makes them so special to me.


Moving forward, I would like to continue my focus on two-dimensional character animation.  I hope to continue harnessing my skills and work for a studio, eventually leading a couple of my own projects. It may not be easy for artists to keep two-dimensional animation alive, but I love being one of the artists to try.

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